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Overall System Design

To give a clear idea of how we are going to complete our project it's a good idea to use an IPSO chart. IPSO stands for Input, Process, Storage, Output. Every project should have information under these headings. An example is below:

  • Input - these might include various types of human interaction and loading data from external sources such as databases, web feeds, scientific instruments etc.
  • Process - this is the important bit. What are you going to process, what is it going to calculate?
  • Storage - this will record all the ways that you are going to store data, it might include database table names, structure names and external files such as xml and csv.
  • Output - What will the end user be given, what will be output to the screen?

Let's take a look at an example:

User Details
New purchase
Monthly sales
Highest performing Salesperson
Highest paying customer
Database tables:
Stock Item
Monthly sales chart

Modular Design

When you design your system you need to split it into smaller components. Like this book having different chapters about different things, your project should have different parts (modules) that do different things, but when they are combined they make up a complete whole.

There are two ways to split your project into modules, one is code based and the other is form based. Ideally your project should be using both methods.

Form/Navigation Based

If your program has lots of different functionality and uses a website or an application you probably have different pages to perform different tasks. You are also able to navigate from one page to another starting at your main menu. You need to show the different forms/pages that you use and how you would get from one to another:

Files11 directory hierarchy.svg
  • Main Menu
    • Adjust Products
      • Add Products
      • Remove Products
      • Update Products
    • Sell Item
    • Adjust Staff
      • Add Staff
      • Remove Staff
      • Update Staff
    • Reports
      • Chocolates
      • Beer
      • Sausages

Even better than this you could draw a nice diagram on how everything links together.


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