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Make sure your project (you can do it in Word or PowerPoint) covers *at least* the following: (taken and adapted from the OCR spec)

  1. Description of the problem (in your own words)
  2. Description of end-user/clilent and his/her needs
  3. identify the requirements for a solution to the problem
  4. Success Criteria: Set clear objectives that need to be achieved in order for your project to be successful
  5. Breaking the Problem down | Task Setting
  6. Input - Processing - Output (Data Requirements). (*What data will be going in, what processing/calculations will be needed and what will be the expected outputs?)
  7. Test Plan (write a paragraph and also create a table to show all the tests you will carry out (on different users if applicable) to test the system against the success criteria. Test every part of the system.
  8. Validation used (consider all the validation you will need to add to make it a robust solution)

Recap: The Systems Life Cycle

Recap - the systems life cycle (or software development cycle). Note that different terminology is used, but we will be using the following terms: ANALYSIS - DESIGN - DEVELOPMENT -TESTING - EVALUATION

Sneak peek at a former A* attempt

*Note this is for a much smaller task (Task 1 of 3)

An OCR High B grade exemplar

Time for you to try it yourself

A great way to familiarize yourself with what a controlled assessment will be like. Read through the task - it starts on page 3 and start analysing!

Worked solutions and suggested answers:

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