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Before we start, what do you know already?

What is a network? What are topologies? What are IP addresses? What are protocols and layers?

Starter - Be inspired

A few years ago some particularly wonderful students of mine embarked on an exciting project. You can read all about it here: https://diplomainit.wordpress.com/coursework/networking-project/ In a nutshell, these students, with some teacher help(!), got the BBC eggheads to come down to host a celebrity quiz, raised thousands of pounds for the charity Children in Crisis, and used the remaining money to build a networked suite for a local church community centre. The centre had originally been quoted the sum of £30,000 to build the networked suite (complete with computers, a server, projector and a refurbishment of the furniture and room), but our students were able to do it for under £5000. Networking, as you can imagine, is big business. But using your skills to make a difference is a great way to get started on the road to success! What you will do?

What you will learn in this topic

Networks (as you learned in the previous topic) are all about connecting computers together. The way they are connected together is rather important and the design you select (network toplogy) will have an impact on the way things work. Topologies are interesting networking theory to consider! In addition to that you'll be looking at IP addresses, layers and protocols. Get ready to learn a lot more about this exciting topic and really understand how it all works. Remember the key to true learning is doing plenty more outside the classroom.

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