~ Storage - Secondary Storage | Optical | Magnetic | Flash | Solid State - Theory

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The growing need for Storage

"Storage" - It might sound like an ordinary word, but just think about how every day life in today's modern society depends on storage! You need it for your documents and files at school/college/university. You store images, files, videos and all sorts of other things on your phones and there is an ever growing need for MORE!


Where do you store data? On a memory stick? On your phone? Do you back up? Where? Can you think of a more efficient way of storing everything? How about on a tiny computer chip embedded in your little finger? Would that work? Is this good or bad - what do you think?

Is Dna the future of storage?

Another great TED video - about the future and computers

What you will learn in this topic

  • >>the need for secondary storage • data capacity and calculation of data capacity requirements • common types of storage: 
  • optical
  • magnetic
  • solid state
  • >> suitable storage devices and storage media for a given application, and the advantages and disadvantages of these, using characteristics: 
  • capacity 
  • speed 
  • portability 
  • durability 
  • reliability
  • cost.

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Past paper based worksheet

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Learning Poster

1. Complete a learning poster (a single slide) in which all of the following terms is explained

a) Computer Memory, RAM, ROM, BIOS, Virtual Memory, Flash Memory

Research Power Point

1. Complete a research powerpoint that goes into the details and explains the workings of RAM and its use in a computer, particularly in the context of gaming and creating a an efficient computer system.

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-learning poster

-research powerpoint



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